Showrooms & trade shows / posted in 21.05.2024

NRA Chicago 2024 – Thank you note

Today marked the final day of the National Restaurant Association 2024 trade show in Chicago. This event was a great success for COSTA NOVA, as we had the opportunity to connect with existing customers and meet potential new clients.

Additionally, we engaged with various business representatives, which was invaluable for strengthening relationships, expanding our network, and exploring new opportunities.
Over the past three days, COSTA NOVA stood out for its innovative and sustainable approach to tabletop solutions. According to Matt Hullfish, our USA VP Sales and General Manager, “The NRA show provided an excellent platform for us to showcase our products and engage directly with key stakeholders in the industry. The positive feedback and interest we received reaffirm our commitment to quality and innovation in our offerings.”

COSTA NOVA is now the brand generating excitement within the hospitality industry, catching the attention of chefs and F&B directors alike. For this, we thank all our valluable collaborators, customers and partners.