posted in 13.10.2023

COSTA NOVA launches Resonance, its first collection made of Fine Porcelain

COSTA NOVA, a brand owned and manufactured by Grestel, the globally renowned stoneware producer, is set to make history with its first-ever launch of a fine porcelain collection.

Resonance, designed by Carsten Gollnick, will make its debut at HOST Milano, one of the most prestigious trade shows dedicated to the hospitality industry, from October 13th to the 17th.

Innovation - The Intersection of Stoneware and Porcelain

Resonance collection offers a diverse range of porcelain pieces that can be used independently on the table, as well as an impressive looking selection of stoneware pieces that can also be used either on their own or combined with the porcelain items for creative and versatile table settings.

«Resonance goes beyond the boundaries of conventional design and tabletop décor, inviting chefs and restaurateurs to explore a variety of stoneware and porcelain combinations. This blend elevates the guest experience to new levels of sophistication. » Carsten Gollnick, designer

Innovation - A Glimpse into the future of tableware

This launch makes a pivotal moment in the history of COSTA NOVA and its manufacturer Grestel, reaffirming the company’s innovation DNA in the Professional world. Resonance showcases the culmination of ceramic expertise, meticulous craftmanship, cutting-edge design and the company’s strong commitment present to the market a completely new concept combining different materials in a perfect match.