Sustainable Stoneware

Stoneware, tableware's most sustainable option

Like no other tableware option, stoneware means quality, aesthetics, design, durability and an eco-friendly product. Our original formula results in a special bond between the clay and the glazed surface, making our products more durable. With a longer lifespan than other fragile ceramics, it avoids replacement and therefore minimizes resource consumption.

Stoneware, a superior choice to porcelain

Unlike porcelain, which typically requires multiple firing at higher temperatures and finer clay compositions, stoneware is fired at lower temperatures, therefore significantly reducing energy consumption during production without compromising resistance and performance.

Stoneware, a superior choice to melamine

Unlike melamine, which is a synthetic compound derived from fossil fuels, stoneware is crafted from natural clay and mineral-based materials, making it inherently eco-friendly, biodegradable, and based on a far less energy-intensive manufacturing process than melamine.