Our Factories in Portugal

Portugal, a hub for sustainable ceramics

Portugal's reputation as a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable tableware results from the industry's emphasis on locally sourced raw materials, including recycled elements. The country's tableware ceramic factories have adopted state-of-the-art, energy-efficient technologies, significantly reducing their environmental footprint while maintaining product quality.

Portugal, complying with Europe's standards

As a long term member of the European Union, Portugal's manufacturing practices comply with world class standards on fair wages, gender equality, safe working conditions and environmental practices.

Portugal, a leader in clean energy

Portugal is one of the European frontrunners in clean energy initiatives.

«Portugal is something of a trend-setter when it comes to renewable energy. Whereas the rest of the European Union didn't pledge itself to become carbon-neutral by 2050 until 2019, Portugal did so in 2016. It had also aimed to stop the use of coal as a fuel by 2030, and with the last of its coal plants having shut down nearly two years ago, it achieved that goal nine years early.(...) As with its coal plants, Portugal aims to decommission all of its natural gas-fired power plants by 2040. Earlier this year, it also set out plans to double the country's solar and hydrogen energy capacity - the country is already the home of Europe's largest floating solar park. » (source: IFL Science)