Energy Efficiency

Self-generated solar power

At Costa Nova, we utilize 1180 kW of solar panels to harness the energy of the sun. At day light times, our latest factory can even operate entirely on our self-generated solar power, while the remaining three factories are powered by a combination of our solar panels and green energy sources, which are derived from renewable sources of energy.

Maximizing Heat Reusages

We reuse heat from our kilns in a closed circuit, enhancing the efficiency of the equipment and making them 15% more efficient than the most energy-efficient kilns in the market. Additionally, we utilize the heat generated from our kilns for our drying processes, minimizing the need for additional energy consumption.

Single Firing

Our single-fired production process is the most energy efficient process in tableware ceramics. By requiring significantly less energy than the standard double-firing system used in other stoneware or porcelain production processes, therefore minimizing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Reducing Natural Gas Consumption (MWh per ton of product)