The epitome of sustainable stoneware

Taking sustainability even further

At Costa Nova we are committed to making stoneware even more sustainable. Therefore, we partnered with the University of Aveiro (Portugal) to develop a new raw material, by collecting, recycling, and reusing clays and glazes from its own operations, as well as other waste materials from other close by industries. The result is Ecogres® (ecogres), a reinvented clay made of recycled materials.

Even more efficient firing

Additionally, ecogres products undergo firing at a reduced temperature (2,6% lower that the normal firing process) due to the incorporation of highly fusible residues. This results in less energy consumption, so fewer CO2 emissions.


Design also plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability in stoneware manufacturing. By carefully considering form, ergonomics, glazing colors and glazed surfaces our ecogres products optimize resource usage (clay, glazes, energy, and water) and minimize waste during production.

A dedicated new factory

In 2023, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of tableware production, COSTA NOVA opened the ECOGRES factory, in Aveiro, Portugal. Considered a factory ahead of all ceramic factories, ECOGRES presents one of the most advanced energy-efficient industrial facilities in the world.