Supporting local institutions

We actively engage with and support local institutions, contributing to social progress. We annually donate products to nearly 100 associations for fundraising and promote internal solidarity campaigns.

Collaboration with Portuguese Universities

Our company established a partnership with the University of Aveiro, more than a decade ago. During this time, we have developed many projects together—some of them resulting in innovation processes and products and involving millions of euros in investment, like the Ecogres, the DigiGRÉS, and Inducer.

Over the past decade, we have welcomed 28 interns from local universities and subsequently hired 22 of them for permanent positions.

We have facilitated and collaborated on 23 master's and doctoral theses and dissertations. Notably, we have subsequently hired 8 out of the 23 students engaged in these academic projects.

Our R&D department collaborators have authored 10 articles in scientific journals.

Costa Nova has established several active protocols with local institutions

(such as the Associação Pais em Rede and CASDSC - Comissão de Apoio Social e Desenvolvimento de Santa Catarina, and others) to facilitate the integration of its members into the workforce. Facilitating the integration of individuals into the job market, regardless of whether they have a disability or illness, stands as the most effective tool in addressing social exclusion.