posted in 30.09.2022

The Riviera collection

Create an outstanding and unique table with our botanical-inspired collection Riviera and captivate every guest with its unique shapes and colors.

Designed by the prestigious French floral designer Christian Tortu, this collection is inspired by the French and Italian Riviera.

By mixing shapes and colors of its landscape, Tortu created a captivating collection by recreating the sublime features of this region.

Riviera at Santar Vila Jardim, Portugal

The organic and botanical shapes of the Riviera collection are accompanied by the idyllic scenery of Santar Vila Jardim. The exceptional landscape, inserted in large wine-growing estates paired with an impressive erudite and rural heritage, turned it into the perfect canvas for this charismatic collection.

With earthy tones and artisanal shapes, Riviera is the ideal choice for different food styles, from fine dining to buffet. The collection creates outstanding and unique tables that are an absolute ode to nature.

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