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The Madeira collection

How the table looks is the foundation for any dining experience. Elevate your plating and your tables with superior quality and unique handcrafted design with the Madeira Collection.

Inspired by nature and the perfect choice for any dining occasion, the Madeira Collection takes stoneware to a new level of design.

Featuring three vivid colors and a unique “crackled” surface similar to the effect of dappled lighting, the collection offers a plating experience that is relaxed yet sophisticated.

Madeira at Sublime Comporta, Portugal

We choose the singular scenario of Sublime Comporta to photoshoot this beautiful collection, telling a story of serenity and sophistication. Madeira’s nature-inspired design aligns with the unique peaceful surroundings of this magical resort located in Alentejo, one of the most untouched regions of Portugal.

Madeira Collection fits the resort-based restaurants, indoor and outdoor, with nature as a backdrop and a relaxed atmosphere. Unique dining experiences rely on unique and special stoneware collections as a canvas.

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