posted in 17.05.2022

The Livia collection

The presentation of a culinary creation says as much as the food itself. Add a unique character to any table with the modern, handcrafted appeal of the Livia Collection in the color Mauve Rose.

Nested in elegance and curvy silhouettes, the Livia Collection will surely help enhance any guest’s dining experience.

Thanks to its shapes designed to resist heavy use, the collection is the perfect solution for busy environments. It has all the elements to become a new favorite range for all styles and types of cuisines.

Livia Mauve at Casas Caiadas | Open House, Portugal

A discreet and minimal design with the authenticity of the local architectural heritage, Casas Caiadas | Open House was the perfect backdrop to photoshoot this unique collection. Livia’s modern approach to tableware aligns perfectly with the authenticity of this location.

Livia’s organic look matches contemporary restaurants and hotels with a simple yet sophisticated expression and special attention to detail.

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