Ecogres® project / posted in 16.09.2021

Ecogres® - recycled stoneware

A sustainable choice

At Costa Nova, we are committed to making stoneware more sustainable.
All our collections are thoughtfully produced with respect for Nature - reusable and recyclable.
By reintroducing the clay wasted in the manufacturing process we ensure that most of our products contain a high percentage of recycled clay.

goes even further.
Made of 90% recycled materials. A new clay. Completely eco-friendly.

Our Ecogres collections ÂMBAR, LAGOA ECOGRES, and PLANO tell a unique story of how tableware can be made of recycled materials, completely eco-friendly while remaining beautiful and functional at the same time.

By choosing our Ecogres collections, you’re taking part in our commitment to protect the environment.


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